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SiriusXM, Premiere Radio, Westwood One Advertising!

Here are the shows or channels we recommend to our advertisers. Keep in mind that if you have advertised on SiriusXM (Sirius) before we will require an AOR (Agent of Record) letter to contact them about your campaign.

SiriusXM is the leading audio entertainment company in North America with a portfolio of audio businesses including its flagship subscription entertainment service Sirius; the ad-supported and premium music streaming services of Pandora; an expansive podcast network; and a suite of business and advertising solutions. Reaching a combined monthly audience of approximately 150 million listeners, SiriusXM offers a broad range of content for listeners everywhere they tune in with a diverse mix of live, on-demand, and curated programming across music, talk, news, and sports.

In 2023, SiriusXM reported a total of 34 million subscribers, with an addition of approximately 131,000 new self-pay subscribers in the fourth quarter.

SiriusXM future projections…

CEO Jennifer Witz commented, β€œIn 2023, SiriusXM laid the groundwork for future growth through the successful launch of our next-generation platform and the new SiriusXM app. Our commitment to growth was also demonstrated by strategic content investments that expanded our reach to new listeners and by staying true to our identity as a hub for curated, live and on-demand audio experiences. As we look to 2024, our guidance reflects substantial efforts and investments to enhance the value proposition of our subscription and advertising businesses, which we believe will strengthen our long-term growth profile.”

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Cam & Company
The Wilkow Majority with Andrew Wilkow Sirius Radio
Breitbart News Daily with Alex Marlow Sirius Radio
Glenn Beck Radio Program Premiere Radio Networks
The Wilkow Majority with Andrew Wilkow Sirius Radio
The Sean Hannity Show Premiere Radio Networks
The Mark Levin Show Westwood One
David Webb Sirius Radio
BBC World Service News
Bloomberg Radio Simulcast of WBBR in New York City
Business Radio Financial news, operated by the Wharton School
C-SPAN Radio U.S. Government Hearings and Public Affairs
CNBC Financial news (TV simulcast)
CNN News (TV simulcast)
Fox Business Financial news (TV simulcast)
Fox News Channel News (TV simulcast)
HLN News (TV simulcast)
MSNBC News (TV simulcast)
NPR Now NPR programs arranged specifically for SIRIUS
P.O.T.U.S Political talk
Public Radio Exchange Public radio
SiriusXM Patriot Conservative Talk
SiriusXM Progress Liberal Talk
SiriusXM Insight Public radio
SiriusXM Urban View African-American talk