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How to Advertise on Sirius XM Satellite radio. Cost or thirty and sixty second spots. Sirius has changed the way people listen forever and now with the merger of XM and Sirius Radio your advertising dollar goes farther. Satellite radio is better than traditional AM/FM radio in its reach while affordable advertising rates makes it a must buy for radio advertisers. Contact us for a free rate quote and consultation. Contact Sirius XM ad agent at 888- 449-2526 Get the best deals on Sirius XM advertising here! Lowest rates, best cost per CPM! DR advertisers and Investment companies happily refer and suggest Sirius XM advertising for businesses that MUST get results. If you need your ad campaign to turn a profit then call us today! Campaign management, tracking, media buyer and more. ow to target advertising on radio and TV to seniors 55+, Call 888-449- 2526 to Mobile market and advertise to male and female audiences, men and women, 18+, 18-34, 25-54, 45-64 year olds. Radio, TV, Display, Mobile. Stats, demographics, rates. FREE QUOTES and media kits. National, local, TV, Radio, Digital, Mobile Marketing.

Phone number for advertising sales 888-449-2526

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